Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catch up


Long time no see. How's things? Really? That's great. Me? Oh, you know. Same old same old. Imogen has croup, not pleasant for anyone concerned, Declan has a cold, and Alison and I have sleep deprivation. Life goes on.

Over the couple of years since we bought the place, we've made an honest attempt at going green. Or at least greenish. Water tanks, low power light bulbs, dry tolerant plants, a heat sink hot water system, (boy was that ever a good financial decision), fans rather than air conditioning where possible, a roof over the deck to stop the sun on the back door and plate glass windows. I even bought a small hatchback with amazing fuel economy to scoot around town in so the big family wagon doesn't need to be used so often. I'm also planning on using my impending tax return to put roof vents in to cool the house further. It seems to have worked a treat.

Here we are in November, rain coming down in buckets and we're cuddling up at night under the doona (quilt, duvet etc) as though it were still June or July.

Essentially it seems that I have single handedly stopped global warming.

You're welcome.

So to the garden. Well the corn is as high as an elephants eye, or would be if I had corn.

And and elephant by which to measure said corn would also help.

But the other edibles are doing well. The tomatoes, grown upside down in the spirit of being too lazy to tie them to supports, are beginning to fruit.

The peas are doing well.

I'm not sure whether to harvest the lettuce or turn it into a nice formal hedge.

The various herbs are thriving.

The strawberries and cucumber have come along in leaps and bounds.

 My reading list is growing. Get it? Growing! Mercy.

Declan was Christened. Alison was apparently Christened in the same frock. Alison and her mob are the Catholics, so it sort of passed me by being the heathen that I am. Declan was ready to deck anyone who called him a girl.

Today the daughter of one of our neighbour's and a couple of her schoolmates, all great kids, invited Imogen, Alison and I over. The offer was for Imogen to have some face painting done, but she only likes to do what Daddy does. The results are her on display. JB is apparently Justin Beber.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

All your plants are growing splendidly. Like your upside down basket tomato, meant to do one too but I got distracted with other project and at last forgot about it. I hope your whole family will feel well soon.

patientgardener said...

We have those upside down tomato pots here in the Uk but they have only really appeared in the last year - O wonder do you think they crop well?

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

Hi Paul
Very artful;~D
But then, so is the handlebar mustache!!

Anonymous said...

Yay welcome back! Thought the gnomes had become ninja assassins and taken you out. Thankfully it is merely the plague and sleep deprivation (I send my sincerest wishes for a good nights sleep - being a martyr to the insomnia, I once went 10 months without a decent nights sleep, I fully feel the pain).

Declan would never be mistaken for a girl - those Popeye forearms would give it away every time!

And yes, your garden is fab, mine has got the mildew and the wilt and the snail and is not looking so fabulous. Sigh.

One said...

Your garden is beautiful. Your lettuce looks good as a hedge. :) I like your pots and potted plants. Will you leave them at my front door? :)

Denise said...

I vividly remember the barking-seal sounds of croup, so my sympathies, but all that tasty salad you're growing must be a great sight to soothe sleep-deprived eyes. Hope the kids feel better soon.