Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a little damp.

Imogen isn't fond of them, but I love a good thunderstorm, and this evening has been a doozy. It's the Gods showing that us puny humans with our war toys and our high falutin' ways could easily be eaten up and spat out at their whim. I may have to fit a snorkel to the car to get to work, but the water is starting to summer-proof the garden.

The rain also gives me a chance to wear a natty hat. I love a good hat and don't understand why the fashion  from my grandfathers day disappeared. Not just the gardening hat mind you, though I have my fair share of straw and rattan varieties, but a nice hat such as the one I recently rediscovered in the storage cupboards out the back. It's an Akubra of mine that mimics the 1950's mens standard head-wear. I like to tip it to people I bump into, and doff it when I come inside. Perhaps I need a meerschaum pipe as well.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I wish we have a good thunderstorm as well here in Adelaide. I like your pictures how it is when it rains like that bring back nice memories from back home in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

My Dad has an Akubra hat. It's dark brown with a natty wee feather in the band. He wears it tipped to the back of his head like a bonnet, and when he's not wearing it, it lives in the back of the 4wd.

He's a total urban cowboy.

I have a straw fedora with a band with a jazzy tropical feel. It's my gardening hat and is just starting to get that worn in look to it. One more summer of sweat and being swooped by magpies and it'll look how a gardening hat should look.

Meanwhile, I'm still blind-ish from looking at lightening last night - awesome storm!

Plant Chaser said...

I enjoy extreme weather conditions. It's the damage caused that I don't like. We had a thunderstorm as well yesterday afternoon and again in the late evening. -- Bom @

catmint said...

great storm, and your Akubra comment gave me a good lol!