Monday, November 29, 2010

I turn my back for five minutes...

I focus about as well as Imogen's cardboard tube that she uses as a telescope. With final exams over the last couple of weeks, plus an assignment due I had to really push myself to concentrate on study. Now it's all over bar the shouting and in a few weeks I should have my results.

When Imogen was born, an income took on a whole new meaning. Manufacturing was rapidly dwindling in Australia as imports from Asia were just too cheap to compete with and with another mouth to feed I decided to expand my horizons and spent the next three and a half years finishing work in the afternoon and heading off to class, finishing between 9 and 9.30 before heading home.

It has been really hard, but ultimately really worth the effort. And now, with the longer summer nights upon us I get to come home and see my family and potter in my garden once again.

And boy does it need it. It's been longer than five minutes, but still the degradation is amazing. These are but a few examples.

 Half the veggie bed has succumbed to the heat.

And the rest has gone to seed.

 But then an amazing thing happened. Super-girl arrived to help save the day.

 We used her gardening muscle and soon had things in order.

Super-girl and I removed some failures and some onion weed and planted some Escallonia Iveyi, ( the one with the white flowers), and some Berberis, (the red foliage). When it grows it should fill the area and prop up the purple fountain grass. I also put in a Japanese maple. Never had one before, so I hope I've done it right.

I put the "door" on the veggie patch to stop the long hot afternoon sun from doing damage, and tidied it up, keeping what could be kept and planting new where the old had been removed. It's not generally planing season, but the weird weather has made it far more amenable to plant new plants that should be able to take root well in all the rain.

My buxus japonica, now around 10 months old, has reached a stage where I can begin to shape it. I think it will be next season before it is a proper hedge though.

 And finally, the lawn which was a barren desert when we moved in has started to look better.I keep lawn to a minimum, but what I have I like to look good.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Your supergirl is very cute. Our superboy has been naughty and causing lots of accident in the garden that he has to be banished out from our small veggie patch planet. Your veggie patch look so pretty and organize. Good luck with your studies. I know it is not easy to work, study and have kids. Although I am not working just a full time student and having 2 kids, I find it still hard to focus on my studies.

Missy said...

Please tell Supergirl the people on the interwebs think she did a very good job.

Jim Groble said...

Thanks for the comment. I can get my green plant fix from your blog. jim

Crazy Garden Lady said...

Does Super-girl do weeding? She's just the right size to fit in under the sunflowers, and her outfit is bright enough that she wouldn't get's a jungle out there and the breadcrumbs all the other superheroes leave keep getting melted by the rain.

Meanwhile, now that the studying of things is over, we need to organise a book swap - can I send you a message on email?

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

I love dropping by to imagine I've strolled down the street in Sydney... peeking behind your house and looking over the front too. I can feel the heat your garden is dealing with,
while here, it's a very chilly spell - and not even winter yet. Looks like you've put thing in order!

Paul said...

MKG-Oh no, is the veggie patch full of kryptonite?

Missy-Supergirl blushed, but looked pleased.


CGL-Just went back to your blog to look for the comment I thought I left with my email address for the exchange. I must have not pressed publish. pauldmuldoon@gmail is where I like to hang. I have a small surprise to send you too.

Bay-Don't peek over the fence. Come in, have a drink. We'll chat and swap ideas.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Oh if only I had a super-girl! She is amazingly efficient and cute too ;-)

I can sympathize with what the heat does to your plants - being here in the hotter-than-hell zone, I'm very familiar with what happens when the garden is neglected even for just a short time. Your basil is luscious and I'm just a teeny bit jealous as I just lost mine to the freeze the other night!

Congrats on finishing up with exams - such a GREAT feeling!

Crazy Garden Lady said...

Hey Paul, I sent you an email!

Amy said...

Classes, working and a family...I'm sure it has been VERY busy, congrats on finishing up. Supergirl looks like a great helper and by the looks of things, she seems to thoroughly enjoy it, as well. You have planted some nice additions. I would like to start a hedge of boxwoods, maybe in the spring.

sad said...

Congrats on finishing up with exams - such a GREAT feeling!

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