Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm running late.

One invited me to participate in a meme. I intended to get to it earlier, but then you realise that the days have flown by. But now is catch up time.

As part of the game, I have to list out 10 things I enjoy doing.

The rules are to;

  1. Inform the readers who invited you. Ok, done
  2. List 10 things you like to do. See below.
  3. Invite another 10 bloggers.
I have to say from the outset that I am so new at this that inviting 10 people may be difficult. Anyone interested though, please pick it up and run with it.  And now in no particular order.

  1. Gardening. You may have noticed that one. Whether I'm weeding, digging, planting, tending, deadheading,mulching and so on, I love to be out there. Alison asked me a couple of weeks back if I actually liked the inside of the house. Well it's OK for sleeping, but I have my gardening tools, bbq and beer fridge outside, and winter is over. Why go in?
  2. Still on the gardening theme. My worm farm. They turn my leavings into my gardens compost. They work while I sleep. And the wages are so low.
  3. Going out to other gardens. Botanic gardens. The open garden scheme. The stunning show gardens of the Blue Mountains and hour or so west of Sydney. It's an idea gathering exercise.
  4.  Reading. I have a Kindle. It's so much easier than carrying a multitude of books around. I am a voracious reader. Especially when it comes to history and fantasy. If  find something I like I buy the paper version to add to my collection.
  5.  Music. Of course music pretty much stopped being music around 1986 with a few exceptions. (Yes I'm feeling old). There is always music in my house. The imac has itunes playing, the Denon hi-fi is on or the ipod speaker system is on outside while I work. I love the Beatles, Blondie, David Bowie and Madness to name a very limited few. My previous blog was named "The Bed and Breakfast Man" after a Madness song, and my online persona was "Johnny the Horse". Another Madness song.
  6. Animals. No I don't like to "do" animals, I like animals. Cats, dogs, insects, anything. Humans have a massive impact on this planet. What I can save, I will. What I can avoid spraying and/or poisoning I will. My garden is a smorgasbord that the bugs and other insects/lizards/birds etc are welcome to. I have never had a pet from a pet store and I never will.
  7. Watches. I collect them. Analogue, digital, old, new. quartz. automatic. I know they are becoming obsolete as phones, stoves, microwaves etc have them, but I am just fascinated,
  8. Alison. No I don't like to "do", oh, hang on... What can I say. Caring, understanding, an amazing mum and wife. I'd be lost without her.
  9. Spending precious time with my baby boy, Declan. (Photo below). He spends a lot more time with Mummy at the moment on account of my lack of mammary glands. But when I get him I could just stare into his eyes for hours.
  10. Spending time with Imogen. (Photo also below) She's my helper in the garden and my mate, pal, buddy or whatever your vernacular. We walk together, (well she rides her "big girl bike" and I walk/push) around the suburb. We laugh at our own silly antics and reading her a bedtime story is the crowning glory of my day. Then we say the "special words" 
Sweet dreams, sweet repose;
Half the bed and all the clothes.
From ghoulies and ghosties
and long legged beasties
and things that go bump in the night;
good Lord deliver us.

We keep her in a handy box.


Anonymous said...

Paul, great to know so many things about you, including the fact you are growng your own gardening help, smart move, lol. Many items in common, especially 1, 3, and 6. Proud moment in my life seeing Bowie and Blondie in concert. And I am toying with the idea of a Kindle, still on the fence, maybe you can push me off it.

One said...

Little Imogen is a beauty in that handy box surrounded with flowers. Declan must be only a few months old. I wonder if he would also take over your passion for gardening. Thank you for sharing. I like the thought that the lowly paid worms are still working while we sleep. :) Have a great week ahead!

Missy said...

I leant something new. I now know what a Kindle is. So now I feel really old.

Paul said...

Hi KBG. Are you a big reader? Buy a kindle. Buy a Kindle. Buy a Kindle. It won't replace paper books, especially gardening books with glossy pictures, but for convenience on the train, doctors waiting room, etc etc it can't be beat. You can even down load it as an app on an iphone or android phone if you want to, saving you buying the device itself.

Thanks One. It's a little wet here. Well a lot wet. But I still get to duck the showers and get out there.

Missy.We're never old. Just more mature.

Jamie said...

Hi Paul
Thanks for visiting my blog, and it's good to come across your blog, too. I'll keep up to date. I've been 'memed' a few times now, and I try to be polite and at least to a reply, but as for passing them on I love being the Black Hole of No Return for memes.

Paul said...

Hi Jamie. Thanks for visiting. I've been reading yours for far longer than I've been commenting or blogging. Thanks for the inspiration.

Catharine said...

So pleased that the handlebar is the moustache and not some wicker basket garden

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Oh yes, love the Kindle!! I thought I would feel nostalgic about books but like you, if I have one I really love, I'll buy it in paper form. But to be able to carry ALL your books at once is delightful!

catmint said...

looks like you'll need to get a bigger box for Imogen!!!!