Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let sleeping cats lie.

Spotty Monsta must have been out on the town.  She does sleep in the strangest places.

I finally got the roof finished on the deck today. Spring sprang with such promise a month ago, but then went off to have a small break in the Bahamas leaving Sydney dull and wet and curtailing my handymanness (I'm sure it's a word, I think I heard the Queen use it once). Today, however, turned out lovely, and while I used angle grinders and drills on the last few bits of the roof, the rest of the suburb frantically mowed, edged and blew their front lawns to kingdom come lest the rain return before they had achieved their coiffed lawn goals . It was a cacophony of industrious two stroke insanity.

On Saturday I went to my Nana's house in Cheltenham. She is 95. I am always a little in awe to be in the presence of someone who went to school in a pony and trap. My mum always told me to beware of traps, but it didn't seem to do Nana any harm.

Nana was old school. She had a show garden long before there were lifestyle shows on television, (or television itself for that matter) and it was a beauty. Nowadays it is well past its prime on account of her age and almost complete blindness, but still holds some remnants of its former glory, like the ruins of a Roman villa. I did some weeding in the rockery, and helped Dad to remove a television aerial and its attendant guy ropes as they had cracked some roof tiles and caused a leak.

Tiles replaced and all else done I walked around and took photos of the garden that holds so many happy memories for me, knowing that one day it would pass into other hands.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Nana's garden is beautiful. All the tender loving care through out the years can be seen.

Missy said...

The garden has aged gracefully and has a really gentle beauty. It would have been spectacular in it's day.
Glad to hear you are finally getting a few fine days. Hope we do soon. I love rain but this is ridiculous.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Nana's garden is still quite lovely - beautiful textures, colors and hardscapes! I'm glad you took us on a tour :-)

Bernie said...

It's still such a fabulous garden ... the Azalea is spectacular and the rock wall plantings look great. I simply love the photo with the Hippie in the foreground and the rock wall garden in the background ... just fabulous!

A pony and trap ... my dad and his siblings all rode horses to school ... it's an oral history well worth passing on! Lovely post, Paul. Thanks for visiting my blog ... that meant I found yours and I'll be sure to visit again.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love Nana's garden! It's how I want my garden to be (at some point when I have some actual land and my garden is in the ground and not in styrofoam boxes. It's like the bush has been tamed just a little bit.

My folks sold the family home after owning it, building it and landscaping it for 30 years, and the garden is the bit my Dad misses the most. Take the photos, record the memories because it sucks knowing that someone else has custody of your landscaping legacy.

As for the pony and trap....all we ever heard was the jumping from cow pat to cow pat to keep their feet warm story!

One said...

That cat is sleeping in the oddest position. Wonder if it would fall? Great shot!!!

Thank you for sharing Nana's beautiful garden. How's your Noodle Head? :) She didn't wake the cat up, did she?

catmint said...

your grandma is pretty amazing at 95 to still have that garden, even if your dad does the weeding for her!

Kerri said...

Cats are characters, aren't they? Love that position, but can it possibly be comfortable? :)
Nana's garden is still beautiful. She was a gardener extraordaire, obviously. What a wonderful space she's created. Thanks for sharing the beauty.
We had the pleasure of a visit from a 90 year old gardening friend and her DIL today. What a joy it is to chat with someone who has the same passion for plants and flowers! We could've talked flowers for hours on end!

Kerri said...

Oops. That should be 'extraordinaire'.