Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pop quiz

What do you get if you mix,
  1. Xanadu philodendron winterbourn
  2. Yucca carnival
  3. Dichondra silver falls
  4. Aeonium velour
  5. Blue chalk succulent
  6. A fuchsia of some description 
  7. And Mesembryanthemum or orange pig face?
My big pot

 And then you get all excited and put Erysium apricot twist and Bacopa calypso jumbo lavender (surely the best plant name ever) into hanging baskets. Then it rains. Well it is a long weekend.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Very nice combination you have there.

kilbournegrove said...

It looks pretty cool. One of the lessons we learn in flower arranging is not to have too many different types of flowers, it can look busy. But your plants have a unifying colour, can't wait to see it fill in.

Missy said...

Just saw the filled pot. It looks great.

Crazy Garden Lady said...

I love the look of that big pot. I've been planning on experimenting with hypertufa this summer to make some pots and troughs - one that size and shape is definitely on the list.

Paul said...

Hi CGL. Don't Hypertufa and drive. It's dangerous you know. And now I'll go and look it up.

Crazy Garden Lady said...

Snigger! Especially on a long weekend....double demerits don't you know!

Daniel said...

It's pleasing and are great for the environment.

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