Friday, October 15, 2010

My first garden bloggers bloom day.

Thank you May Dream Gardens. This is my first garden bloggers bloom day post. It's a little light on information as I'm new at gardening and have yet to pick up on my Latin, and due to the fact that it was blowing a gale and raining on and off while I tried to take the photos, I haven't managed to capture too much. Oh well, it's a beginning.

Ok. This is a fuchsia. So far so good.

And petunias.  I have a few and they seem to be coping with the wet.
This is a snake vine, hibbertia scandens. It's an Australian native climber and is doing its best to hide the ugly metalwork on my back undercover area. Probably a year or two to go until full coverage.
That's a begonia of some description in the background, and possibly a white Verbena in the middle with an unknown ground-cover in the foreground.
I don't know either of these. I took surreptitious cuttings from other gardens to grow them. Anyone?
And this one too.
Australian native violet in my Wollemi pine pot as an under planting.
Bottlebrush, or Callistemon.
This is my attempt at a cottage garden. It looks more like a dining table centre piece.
Mad hatter.
Grevillea something or the other
 Kangaroo Paw
 My Eureka lemon

 And the big bottlebrush tree out the front.

Thanks for your patience. I'll get better next month.


The Redneck Rosarian said...

This is my fist bloom day too! Great pictures. You have a very nice garden. said...

The South always has the best show in October.Pretty garden.

Mac_fromAustralia said...

Hi Paul. I've been lurking on Garden Blogger's Bloom Day for three or four months, just looking at other people's photos so far. Just wanted to say what a lovely assortment of photos.

Wendy said...

lovely blooms! I love that bottlebrush. I want to say your first unknown is gaura, but the stems look shorter than I've seen. Bloom day is fun, huh?

One said...

Hi Paul, You have got a lot blooming. It's my first time participating too.

noel said...


what a very nice tour of your australian garden this morning, i enjoyed the beautiful flowers and what a fun first tour for gbbd

thanks for sharing that with us

patientgardener said...

Welcomd go GBBD. I wouldnt worry about your lack of latin etc, few of us are that up on it!! The pink plant in your unknown pick is a Guara, I have one almost identical in my garden.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Glad that you could join us today. I knew what your wollemi pine looked like. I saw one at the Royal Botanical Gardens. I think your mystery white and purple flowers are annual here in souther Ontario.

scottweberpdx said...

It was my first bloom-day too! I think your garden looks lovely. I think the first mystery flowers might be Gaura...the second might be a Salvia.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hi Paul you have many lovely blooms in your garden now. Bottlebrush has also start to bloom here this month in Adelaide, you can see them almost everywhere.

kilbournegrove said...

Hey Paul,
Congrats on your first GBBD. I have never even had one, it seems like I am never in my garden on the 15th of the month. But at least I get to enjoy everyone elses.

Crazy Garden Lady said...

The native violets are my favourites! They're so weeny and gorgeous. I've just put them on my wany list.

Crazy Garden Lady said...

make that 'want' list!!

Paul said...

Thank you one and all. And now I'm off to see what blooms with you today.

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

Hi Paul
Having some problems getting to your plot on Blotanical from the picks, so thought I'd drop by here to welcome you!
I'm sooo wanting to visit Sydney and Melbourne. Australian plants thrive here in Northern California, where we've yet to see rain this year. Dry, dry.
We've much in common in the realm of gardening.
Good to find you... Alice
Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Hi Paul ~ your first GBBD is wonderful! Jam packed with beautiful blooms. It's interesting to see how many of the plants we share in common. The guara and the salvia are two that I have here in my own yard.

I pinged Stuart at Blotanical to see if there is anything to be done about people not being able to "pick" the posts. Hopefully I'll hear something soon.

Kerri said...

You have some beautiful blooms in your garden. That bottlebrush is gorgeous!
Yes, I think the purple next to the white Verbena could also be a Verbena. It looks rather like my 'Homestead'.
The pink is Gaura. I have the same one. Mine has short stems this year too. Not sure why.
Love the pink Salvia.
And the little violet.
Well, I love them all :)
Wish I had a lemon tree!
Happy 1st Bloom Day! You did a great job!