Friday, October 22, 2010


What a week. This week I really men "Thank god it's Friday".

A garden is often a place of quiet reflection. We all work like the clappers getting things in order and ensure that we make the most of our space so that we can enjoy the fruits, (sometimes literally), of our labour. But a garden can also be a dynamic place. A gathering place. The outside room you invite people into when weather permits.

When we first moved here we met the immediate neighbours and after a while Friday afternoon became "wine time". A chance to gather and wind down from the week while the kids played.

Then the original neighbours moved out and the new people who moved in who, quite frankly, didn't stand a chance. The scene had been set and the stride was not to be broken.  Plus, when you move into my street you become my friend. It's the law. So wine time continued under a new guise. Happy hour.

Then it grew. Now each week is at a consecutive neighbours house. One by one other households joined and I hope more will come. Alison in a moment of sheer comedic brilliance renamed it cope-aholics anonymous. It's an afternoon I look forward to with gusto. Tonight was our turn on the roster.

The garden seems to have survived a week of neglect, but tomorrow I'll do a reconnaissance and see what needs a little TLC.

My garden is too small to constantly update so tomorrow I'm also planning on visiting a local native garden run by volunteers. Weather permitting I should have a post up tomorrow. Happy weekend to all.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Your garden looking great. Have a nice weekend!

Jamie said...

Garden's looking great Paul. My wife and I have our own little Friday ceremony of a bottle of champagne, then video later on accompanied by two bags of Kettle chips.