Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big pot.

After almost finishing the deck, (this weekend, I swear) I now have a an open area where the outdoor setting used to be. On a whim I bought a pot that I quite liked. It's 700mm in diameter and about 500 mm high. It was the result of a post at Green Theatre showing some amazing planting ideas in urns.
Exhibit A

It will be situated in an area that is undercover, so is safe from the blazing midday sun that will hit Sydney in the next couple of months, but it does get early morning sun for up to an hour, and the afternoon sun for a couple of hours as it dips towards the horizon. As you can see a few months back I planted a garden bed of ferns and bromeliads behind it. It is also near the fish pond giving it a wet and humid environment in summer as the water evaporates.

It's there in the background. Poor photo quality courtesy of my camera phone.

My plan is to head the the nursery this weekend and annoy the staff by taking various plants and arranging them in the walkways till I find a mix I think is appropriate and looks the part. 

This will possibly be done with a hangover from Friday nights gathering and a three year old. (No the hangover won't come jointly from the party and the three year old, the three year old will just be another distraction during the plant choosing shenanigans. It didn't sound quite right though, did it?).

So it seemed to me that wealth of experience out there in blog land might be a helpful resource. I would love any suggestions as to what may, (or possibly more importantly may not) be appropriate in this situation. Of course I'll be limited by what is available locally, but suggestions may morph into ideas that can be replicated if not duplicated by local supplies anyway.



Missy said...

Paul, it sounds like the ideal spot with morning and evening sun but missing the hot midday sun. Most things would thrive as long as they have similar watering conditions and don't crowd each other out.

kilbournegrove said...

I wish that I could help you out, but I am not sure how hot it gets, our climates are so different.
Love the pot!

catmint said...

Hi Paul
I'm not into pots much and I need them to not mind not getting regular water. In one pot I have several types of ivy which grow down and are green and different shaped leaves and very green. In another is aloe vera which I find useful for burns. That one needs to be hardly ever watered and seems to be happy in a similar spot to the one you describe.
cheers, catmint

Ginny said...

Love the pot and the mental picture of you annoying the nursery staff. General guidelines for pots are to have something tall and maybe spikey in the center, something trailing over the edges, and something colorful and of medium height in the gap between those two. I have a small evergreen in the center and vinca minor trailing over the sides. I fill fill in and add color with annuals in season.

Paul said...

Thanks guys. It's sort of coming together in my mind's eye.