Friday, September 17, 2010

My apprentice.

This is my eldest, Imogen. Took a quick photo of her this morning as we headed out to the car to go to preschool. She likes to make sure there is enough water for the birds each day. The birdbath is just outside her bedroom window so she can watch birds drink and bathe without frightening them away.

She gets very cranky if I so much as pick up a pair of secateurs without inviting her to come and help. She also combs the lawn each day looking for and reporting on any bindii. And God forbid that I should use a watering can without also filling hers and letting her water the pot garden.

I don't think gardening would be anywhere near as much fun without her.

 The first rays of dawn in the back corner. My cats Frootllop and Spotty Monsta sit waiting for it to reach the ground for their morning sunbathe.


Anonymous said...

Good to see an apprentice taking responsability on, and such keen interest. May she have it all her life (and do the weeding without moaning when she is a teenager),lol.

One said...

Can I hire your apprentice?

Imogen seems like a very responsible child. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I believe if you learn to love a garden as a child you always will. It's a wonderful gift.
My grandkids already love to grow things.

Paul said...

Kilbournegrove. By the time she's a teenager I expect her to be mowing!

Hi One, Thanks for dropping by. There are some times I would gladly give her to you, but those times may not be her finest moments.

Hi missygarden. I agree. I am especially looking forward to her getting into the veggies. I miss my youth when my Grandparents were farmers and every school holiday I got to work on what I ate.

Kerri said...

Your little garden helper is precious. She'll be growing her own sweet peas before you know it. That's what I started with :)
Your kitties are pretty too. Love their names :)
Is that a white trailing Verbena in the corner of your garden? If so, I have the same one in a windowbox. You have a nice mix or plants there.

Paul said...

I don't know Kerri. The leaves look like mint, and it was sold as a generic ground cover. I'll take a close up next post.