Monday, September 20, 2010

Garden furniture.

The latest post at A Growing Obsession has a photo of a great looking elephant pot. In general the pot shops and nurseries I visit in Sydney have a very limited range of terracotta and glazed pots in equally limited colours and shapes. Not that they don't have their place. I have quite a few of them on my little patch to afford me the ability to move certain plants around depending on season, weather and whim.

I also don't have the gardening budget that I would like and am probably lucky that the temptation is not laid before me in abundance.

But bit by bit I find I am given or recycle items for the garden. My first attempt at fish was a water feature. It took me less than a minute after installation to realise that I was essentially putting the fish in the equivalent of 19th century concrete bear pits, so I bought a bigger pond and pump to afford them a better lifestyle. That pretty much got rid of the need for the water feature. So I took out the innards and turned it into this.

I've only just started to appreciate succulents, but have a little work to do on arrangement. Still it should grow into itself.

I also had a small cane shelf that I've had for over twenty years languishing in the shed. A little linseed oil to water proof it and some potted colour breathes new life into it.

 And the last thing I reserected this weekend was another item that had been sitting in a back room covered in junk. An old table that needed a new coat of stain on the legs, and a good clean of the surprisingly heavy marble top. A perfect spot for an orchid. No, I don't know what it is. People keep giving me orchids. Happily I haven't so far managed to kill any of them.


Alison has told me to keep away from the dining setting.


One said...

Those succulents are gorgeous in the 'water feature'. How do you water the plants in the cane shelf? Doesn't the soil drip out from the bottom? The 3rd photo has some interesting orbs...

♥Fran♥ said...


Paul said...

Hi one. The cane shelf is a garden tool now in my mind. It will get wet even though I have tried to water proof it and one day it will probably rot. That's the transience of gardens for you.

Hi Fran,What an emphatic all caps comment. Gardens are wonderful aren't they? Happy week for you too!!

Ross said...

Great lookin' blog - looks like things are springing springwise since we were there a cubbla weeks ago - gardens are ever changing - one of the major attractions to the hobby/art I guess.

Farmweld said...

Lovely garden and very inspiring. Your daughter is gorgeous.

One said...

Hi Paul, I've invited you to a game. Kindly check it out at

Kerri said...

You've done a great job with each piece. Very creative. I especially love the cane shelf.
My mum used to grow those same primulas. I can't find that variety over here, sad to say.
Wish someone would give me orchids!
I've only begun to appreciate succulents these last few years. Aren't they wonderful?
You've done a nice job with your yard. It's looks like a gardener lives there now :)
I'm glad your little crepe myrtle is budding..and now has some companions.
I too love spring. Wish we were coming into that season instead of fall. I dread the long, cold winters. Must be my Aussie blood.

Anonymous said...

Someone has been busy! That is what I love about spring, I am alwats so excited and get a lot done. By the time autumn rolls around, it's 'whatever'. Great job on your 'finds'.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I like your cane shelf it adds beauty in your already beautiful garden.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Very nice post. I especially love the irony of the repurposed water feature for succulents! Very clever!

Paul said...

Primulas! Thank you. I find too many plants sold with a generic label of "potted colour" I must post about it and get you lot to identify them for me. Thanks for all the great comments.