Monday, September 13, 2010

A Beginning

It's been a couple of years since I had a blog. The last one was more general. This one is almost specifically gardening. "Almost specifically" translates as, "I have a very small block, am an amateur gardener who knows little of the botanical names and may struggle to provide content so I'll talk about the kids as well". Or something like that.

Alison and I moved into our house in Picnic Point, South west of Sydney on the Australia day long weekend in 2009. We spent the first twelve months of weekends doing up the house. That means that the garden is basically less than a year old. It sort of makes sense that the beginning of spring is the beginning of the blog.

Inspiration has come from the internet. Looking up gardening resources I came accross a number of gardening blogs, and have been an avid follower of them for some time. Those blogs will appear in the links to the right. Thank you to all who write them.

I think I'll begin with a few before shots of the house and property, Then some after shots before I begin the weekly or so updates. Forgive me while I work out how to do this in blogger.

The real estate photo from the front of the house.

About six months ago.

From the back of the house looking down to the converted garage.

Again around six months ago.

And finally the back deck before and almost after. Almost because I haven't finished it yet. That's in a week or so.

OK. That was a learning curve. But I managed to get pictures up. Time to work on the layout and take some more recent photos for the next update.


Gloria, Dakota Garden said...

Hello Paul - Congratulations on the start of your garden blog and garden projects to come! I think it brilliant to start with your before shots and document the changes. There is one thing that is constant in a garden and it is change.

Paul said...

Hi Gloria,

Thanks for the encouragement and for being my first comment. I look forward to many updates on your site providing me with inspiration.

kilbournegrove said...

I love, love seeing before and after shots, I find them very inspiring. Fabulous job on the deck, love the roof effect, what great privacy it provides.

Paul said...

Thank you! I've slowly been doing up the house, and the deck has been the most recent project. I do it bit by bit on weekends and should have had it finished already, but the weather has been against me.