Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And the rain came down.

Anyone have any spare wood? I think I need to build an ark.

I've only been to tropical northern Australia twice. Once to Broome for our honeymoon, and once to catch up with family and friends in Queensland from Brisbane to Cairns. The latter trip was inadvisedly taken in the summer rainy season, and I can vouch that that is no misnomer. Monsoon is wet.

The last five or six hours in Sydney have seen a comparable amount of rain to the monsoon, but without the stifling heat. My purple fountain grass is prone, the diosma looks like a truck parked on it, and the lawn is an Olympic size swimming pool that should be planted with water plants rather than grass. The gutters can't cope and make a curtain of water outside every window.

The benefits are that the water tanks are full and I won't need to water again till St Swithin's day.

At least the next few days are forecast to be sunny, so the garden should really begin to feel the spring growth begin.

The purple fountain grass in drier times.


Kerri said...

A land of droughts and flooding rains it is!
The rain will give the garden a good start for the spring and summer Anyway.
That's a pretty border you have. Lovely shapes!
Yes, you're right! It is time for an update. Way past time. But I should make it for Bloom Day tomorrow. I have loads of pics and much to post about, but I'm too busy and too tired lately.
Thanks for visiting.
I hope you get lots of sunshine to dry up your Olympic size swimming pool lawn :)

Paul said...

Thanks Kerri. Hope the schedule gets less hectic for you soon.

The sun is making a valiant attempt as we speak. I have no doubt that we are close to the "mowing twice a week" time of the year.