Sunday, September 26, 2010

My brain hurts.

Having a job, an almost four year old daughter, a six week old son and trying to fit in study for mid term exams is exhausting. But after some seriously mentally challenging exams this week, I now have two glorious weeks without night classes.

Everybody winds down in their own way from the stresses of daily life, and I can thoroughly recommend gardening as the greatest stress reliever on the planet. But of course I'm preaching to the converted.

This weekend is a balmy 27 degrees Centigrade. And it's the first weekend this season where I have been warm enough to wear shorts. You can almost hear things growing in the beautiful sunshine.

I've had the Monkeys song, Pleasant Valley Sunday stuck in my head since yesterday. The line about the weekend squire coming out to mow his lawn resonated.

 And it's nice to sit outside with my special girl.

The wildlife is waking up.

The callistemon or bottle brush are starting to flower.

The leucadendron salignum, or red devil has lovely shape and colour.

The pansies are loving the sun.

And the Euryops should start to take off too.

Even the fish, Chuck (the orange one) and Norris (the orange and white) are more frisky.

 Kerri asked in a previous comment section what these white flowers are. She suggested, (on a much smaller and further away photo), trailing verbena. I honestly have no idea.


Anonymous said...

Sorry your brain hurts! Enjoy your two weeks off.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Nice pond you have there. Gardening is one activity that help release the stress. I am also studying and have to spent long hours in the lab. My labmate says the more stress I am the more I grow things in my garden.

One said...

Your brain feeling better yet? Dig some soil. It helps. :) You have a happy looking girl. Her name is Imogen, right? How did you take the photo of the cobweb? I have tried many times but the web cannot be seen clearly in my photos.

Paul said...

Hi One. It depends on your camera.If your camera has auto-focus it will generally pick up on one point or area in the view finder. I just find out how far that point is from the lens and move the lens, auto focus on something at the same distance and then move the camera until it picks up the web. I suppose it may be different on your camera. I have two SLR cameras. A Nikon and a Canon. They are not the standard point and click variety, so maybe my answer won't work on that type of camera.

catmint said...

Hi Paul, I agree - gardening helps sore brains, hearts, souls - everything. Love the strange statue at the end of the post. Is this an alternative gnome? Cheers, catmint